Technology Trends

Technology, its every where and doing everything, and in terms of business harnessing IT is the difference between success or failure, boom or bust. If you’re not in you’re out.

The Diagram illustrates how complex the subject is (and we do apologise for it), we provide an interim evidence based approach helping organisations make sense of, and develop strategies around the use of technology. 

Our aim is to help you reduce technology cost of ownership and support Lean business transformation, but in a structured logical approach minimising the impact on the organisation and ensuring benefit realisation.

We are a Enterprise System Integrator (SI) specialising in business transformation through the deployment of applications which deliver lean optimised business processes, cross lines of business and industry sectors.

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Applications Boutique:

Strategic-erp is able to lead and facilitate the ongoing development of a sustainable Technology Road Map aligned to the strategic aspirations of the business.

Big Data:

The expediential growth in data required to sustain an organisation is making it increasingly difficult for organisations to capture, store, search, share and analyze the data, this has been termed “Big Data”


It is predicted that by 2014 there will be 1 Billion Smart phones in use, 63% of all the  worlds transaction revenue touches a SAP system, link them together and there will be a massive drive to adopt mobile technology platforms to support the Mobile ERP explosion. Let Strategic-erp help shape your mobility strategy

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Business change is never easy, we all find change challenging, as business change enablers we make sense of, and give a take on, the major news stories impacting the way we do business.